Making Community Collaboration Crowdsourceable

Useful information and quality dialogue are hard to come by in our political climate. Americans need new ways to share their views and use political information to build better communities.

Our Focus

Public Data, for Public Good

Our data (and operations) aren’t very profitable entities- but that’s the point. Our systems can produce value for corresponding communities and public debate.



Leveling the Playing Field

Politicians, experts, and organizations can all share feeds in various categories. Users determine credibility organically while seeing comparable local actors.

Rank-Choice Deliberation

Instead of just “one” vote, ranking candidates can represent your views holistically. Forget parties or primaries, we can find the best candidates any time.


Infinitely-Growing Accuracy

We’re tired of sample sizes failing the people. With ongoing polls & deliberation the accuracy can only go up.



Putting Politics in one Package

Figure out public opinion AND potential candidates faster to achieve the results we all need.

Owned by Members, not Investors

Our goal isn’t to build an exit strategy, max returns year-over-year, or anything of the sort. Simply put, we’re workers that want to make a living and improve our country together.


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The government should stop companies from achieving a monopoly.
Social media should not restrict the voices of its users.

Rank Choice

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