Technology should scale value for users, not investors

Startups often set out to multiply their profits, productivity, and reach. Our goal is to multiply the value of open-access data for community development anywhere. Every user contribution improves the collective knowledge across geography, ideology, and occupation.

Back of our business card: executive members (Blaise, Chloe, and Tom), (417) 866-3795,

Community Impact

Cooperation allows communities to  create lasting change. We want to combine democratic deliberation with dynamic data so users can organize new solutions easily. Credibility can’t come from anything but community. That is what our tools are for.

Democracy Should Be Everywhere

We don’t just claim democracy is good – we’re implementing it. We’re building a platform to improve political representation, but democracy is also important in the workplace. As a worker cooperative, each of our members get an equal vote on decisions. The board of directors is elected every other year, so even our founder/executive roles can be replaced by the members. Members also enjoy equal financial rights, so there’s never a “majority stakeholder” with special privileges. Maybe our founders will end up with a smaller piece of the pie. But, that’s okay – our democracy holds everyone accountable to ensure we serving real community interests every step of the way.

Our Development Team


Austin Corteville

Full Stack Developer

Graduated Mizzou with a political science degree, and previously worked for a consumer coop. Wants to understand the world just as much as he does code.


Chloe Jones

Cofounder & Chief Development Officer

Studying for her Master’s in Cyber Security at Mizzou after receiving a bachelors in computer science. Has yet to find an unsolvable problem.

Jacob Anderson

Cofounder & Server Specialist

Professional IT certifications from CompTIA and Google. To say he’s part of our operation’s “brains” is an understatement.

Josh Robinson

database & Back End Developer

Studying computer science at Mizzou. He’s involved in several social-justice organizations, and shows what it means to grind for public good.

Sean Newell

Front End Developer

Studying computer science at Mizzou. He’s already lived in 4 states, and plans to find another once he’s done the time in Missouri,

Our Feature Team

Blaise Ebisch

Founder & Chief Feature Officer

Studying economics and minoring in computer science at Mizzou. He’s just a dude who wants open source solutions and employee ownership for everyone.


Derek Milosovik

community verification & moderation

Graduated Mizzou with political science, international relations, and pre-law degrees. May know every side of the aisle imaginable.

Hannah Shupert

community engagement & organization

Graduated Mizzou with a political science degree, working on a Master’s in public administration. Of us, she’s probably been dedicated to public service the longest – and brings tangible improvements to every community she’s a part of.

Our Outreach Team

Anna Liner

graphic & UI design

Studying Computer Science at Mizzou. Experienced in Figma and Adobe Creative design.

Emma Lingo

media management & communications

Graduating Mizzou with a degree in journalism. Has been a featured writer, reporter & editor in Her Campus, Vox, Shifter Magazine, and the Missourian. 

Ian de Smet

Data integrity & communications

Studying Strategic Communications, Journalism, and Sociology at Mizzou. 


Picture Pending

Tom Jamison

chief outreach officer & seo

Studying Economics & Strategic Communications at Mizzou.

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